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Carried into effect by Order No. 2 dated 30 July 2009

of providing services of eye photos placing in Internet

Standalone businessman, hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”, hereby publishes the present Terms and Conditions being a public offer of providing services of placing and appraisal of information in Internet and other auxiliary services.


1.1. According to articles 435, 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the present Terms and Conditions are the Contractor's public offer to individuals and legal entities, containing the essence of the contract for providing and use if Services.

1.2. Any actions connected with performance of the terms and conditions set forth in the present offer (including registering as a Contractor's Customer, as well as any other actions evidencing the intention of a person to use the Services) shall be deemed the full and unconditional acceptance of the present offer.

1.3. After the acceptance, the Customer shall be deemed familiarized and agreed with the present offer, and, according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, shall be deemed entered into contractual relations in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.

1.4. The Contractor's duties shall be limited by the terms and conditions of the present offer, in particular, the Contractor shall not be obliged to render to the Customer services connected with providing of access to Internet. Access to Internet shall be provided by and at the expense of the Customer. Besides, the Contractor shall not provide the possibility to receive and/or transmit electronic messages by the Customer in the Contractor's premises; to adjust and/or diagnose any hardware and software; shall not be obliged to train the Customer and/or Customer's employees to work with the software and the hardware.

1.5. The present Terms and Conditions regulate relations connected with use of Internet (hereinafter referred to as the “Network”) WEB-sites at: and (hereinafter referred to as “Eye-File”) between the Contractor and the Customer. Any disputes or differences connected with the present user's agreement shall be only subject to judicial settlement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, in the territory of the Russian Federation, the city of Moscow.

1.6. The Customer does hereby acknowledges that he shall not compete with the Contractor and Eye-File sites, and represents that his age exceeds 18, and that he is entitled as an adult to conclude binding contracts as a Customer. Using of eye-file by you shall mean that you have submitted to all the terms and conditions of the present Contract in full without exceptions or restrictions on your part. No use of Eye-File under any other terms and conditions shall be allowed. In case any amendments and/or supplements are inacceptable for the Customer, the latter shall be entitled to forthwith terminate use of Eye-File and leave the site.

1.7. The Contractor may from time to time enter amendments and supplements into the present Terms and Conditions, either upon notifying the Customer or without such notification (depending upon the scope of such amendments). The current version shall at any time be on the Contractor's site at:


Concepts and definitions, when used in the present Terms and Conditions, shall have the following meaning:

2.1. SERVICES — any services being rendered by the Contractor such as placing of eye-ground images presented by the Customer as well as Customers' other information in Internet. The complete list of Services shall be shown on the Contractor's site.

2.2. CUSTOMER — any physical person or legal entity that has accepted the present offer in accordance with article 1 of the present Terms and Conditions.

2.3. ACCOUNT — a record, the structure of particular data, information and the scope of Services jointly relating to a single component of the Eye-File data base, individualized by registered data as specified by the Customer on registering in the Eye-File system.

2.4. CONTENT — information, including eye, retina, etc. photos, placed by the Customer under the Services provided to him by the Contractor.

2.5. EXPERT — a physical person or a legal entity engaged by the Contractor for performance of Services or appraisal of the Content represented by the Customer.


3.1. Service Description

3.1.1. The Contractor offers to customers an access to the system of eye-ground photos evaluation conducted by Experts through access to Internet sites at and Revealing of any deviations on eye-ground photos shall not be deemed a medical service and shall not replace consulting a doctor. Reliable revealing of any changes on the eye-ground as seen on the photo shall be limited by the quality of the file sent. An expert's opinion on evaluation of photos represented by the Customer shall be in the form of a notice to the Customer of one of the four evaluation classes: “No abnormalities”, “Abnormalities are possible”, “Evident abnormalities” or “Evaluation is impossible”.

3.1.2. Any expenses connected with photo receiving, its storage and transmitting to the system shall bear the Customer. The Customer may not use the service for the purpose of gaining profits or other benefits, unless upon conclusion of an additional agreement with Eye-File for commercial use of the service.

3.1.3. The subject of the present Contract shall be any services available at present, as well as any development thereof and/or any additional ones. The Customer understands and agrees that any services shall be represented “as is”, and that the Contractor and its services Eye-File shall bear no responsibility for any delays, failures, erroneous or delayed delivery, deleting or non-safety of any user's personal information.

3.1.4. In order to make use of Eye-File resources, it is necessary to have a computer and an access to Internet (WWW). Amy matters connected with acquisition of the right to access the Network, buying and adjusting of the relevant hardware and software shall be settled by the Customer and are not covered by the present Terms and Conditions.

3.2. Your registration information

3.2.1. In order to make use of Eye-File services, you shall represent the truthful, exact and complete information on yourself answering the questions shown in the Registration Form, and shall maintain the information actual. In case you represent erroneous information or Eye-File has serious grounds to believe that the information represented by you is invalid, incomplete or inexact, Eye-File shall have the right either to cancel your registration or to refuse using of our services (or any part thereof) by you.

3.2.2. The Contractor shall take care of thorough selection of information and materials represented on Eye-File site, but shall bear no responsibility for any damage that may be incurred to any person that acts relying exclusively on such information or materials. Each customer shall attend to receive professional medical advice as to treatment and diagnosing of any sickness, although it looks like any description placed on the site.

3.3. Your registration, password and security

3.3.1. The Customer shall himself perform Account registering in Eye-File system on the Contractor's site by specifying his registration data in accordance with the system guidelines. The basic elements identifying the Customer in Eye-File system shall be: login, password and the domain as specified on registration (registration data). Account registration shall be free of charge.

3.3.2. The login, the password and the domain used by the Customer for access to the Account shall not be restored by the Contractor. The Customer may restore the password himself with the help instructions of Eye-File system, under condition of availability of a confirmed contact e-mail (e-mail address) of the Customer in the Account data.

3.3.3. E-mail address confirmation shall be performed by sending of a message with a check code at it; such check code shall be specified by the Customer in the relevant section of the Control Board of his Account. No system notices shall be dispatched at a non-confirmed e-mail, with the exception of the notice of registration and letters with the check code.

3.3.4. Upon completing the registration procedure, you shall receive a login and a password for access to the personalized part of Eye-File services. You shall bear responsibility for protection of your login and password, as well as for any actions performed on Eye-File under your login and password. Eye-File shall have the right to prohibit using of any particular logins and/or to withdraw them from circulation. You shall bear responsibility for immediate Eye-File notification of any non-authorized access with use of your login and the password and\or any security violation; and you agree that you shall exit under your password (hyperlink or “Exit” button) upon completion of each session of work with Eye-File services. Eye-File shall bear no responsibility for any possible loss of or damage to the data caused by non-observance of the present part of the Contract by you.

3.3.5. Selection and use (connection and/or disconnection) of particular Services shall be performed by the Customer with the help of the Account Control Board. Some services shall be always accessible without need to connect the same. Access to the Account Control Board shall be conducted by the Customer by entering of his registration data into the relevant fields of Eye-File system.

3.4. Registered user behavior

3.4.1. You understand and accept that the person creating the content such as any information, data, text, programs, music, sounds, photos, graphical items, video, notices and other materials (hereinafter referred to as the “content”) placed for general access and privately transferred, shall bear responsibility therefore. It means that you, but not Eye-File, shall bear overwhelming responsibility for the Content that you load, transmit, sent, or otherwise make accessible via Eye-File services. Eye-File shall not exercise control over the content being transferred via its services, and hence, shall not guarantee its exactness, completeness and quality. Accordingly, Eye-File shall bear no responsibility for any Content created by its services users.

3.4.2. By transmitting any image to Eye-File system, you shall thereby transfer the right to use the same to Experts of the service for scientific and other purposes.

3.4.3. The basic services including placing of up to 5 (five) photos shall be provided free of charge. To remove some restrictions in case it is necessary to load and apprise a large number of photos, the Customer may make a payment.


4.1. The Customer shall:

4.1.1. Unconditionally observe the present Terms and Conditions and monitor over any amendments and supplements thereto and to Supplements thereto as published on the web-site of the Contractor (

4.1.2. Disclose no information and give no access to materials relating o Experts' opinions and methods expert examination. The Customer may not use information received as a result of access to Eye-File Web-site, and Eye-file Services for the purpose of competing with Eye-file.

4.1.3. The Customer may not use Eye-File services for:

  1. Loading, sending, transmitting or otherwise placing of the content being unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, immoral, violating copyrights, promulgating hatred and/or race, ethnic, sex, religious, social discrimination against people, containing personal injury towards any particular persons and entities;
  2. Violation of rights of minor persons and/or harm-doing thereto in any form;
  3. Infringement of rights of minority groups;
  4. Representing falsely himself to be another person or a representative of any entity and/or community without due rights to do so, including to be employees of Eye-File, forum moderators, site owners, as well as false representation as to properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;
  5. Loading, sending, transfer or otherwise placing of any content that you may not make accessible under the laws of the Russian Federation, or according to any contractual relations;
  6. Loading, sending, transfer or otherwise placing of any content that infringes any patent, trade mark, commercial secret, copyright or other property rights and/or copyright and auxiliary rights of third persons;
  7. Loading, sending, transfer or otherwise placing of any not duly permitted promotional information, spam (including searching spam), lists of e-mail addresses of other people, “pyramidal” schemes, multilevel (network) marketing (MLM), systems of gaining profits via Internet and e-mail businesses, “letters of happiness”, as well as for participation in such actions (sending of non-agreed letters with reference to services provided by Eye-File, including mailing addresses, sites, bookmark, etc. may be deemed participation in any actions prohibited under the present clause, even if sending is performed without direct use of mailing servers of Eye-File;
  8. Loading, sending, transfer or otherwise placing of any materials containing viruses and other computer codes, files or programs designed for damaging, destroying or functional restriction of any computing or telecommunication facilities or software, for non-authorized access, as well as serial numbers of commercial software products and any programs for generating thereof, logins, passwords and other means of obtaining of non-authorized access to chargeable resources in Internet, as well as placing of references to the above information;
  9. Intentional violation of any local, Russian laws and international regulations;
  10. Collection and storing of personal data of other persons;
  11. Interfering normal functioning of Eye-File WEB-site;
  12. Applying of any forms and methods of unlawful representation of other persons in the Network;
  13. Placing of references to any Network resources the content of which contradicts the applicable laws of the Russian Federation or other countries concerned or the physical layout of persons (servers) of both the referenced and the referencing persons;
  14. Assisting any actions aimed to non-observing of restrictions and prohibitions impose by the Agreement.

4.1.4. The Customer understands that the Contractor shall not be obliged to review any Content prior to its placing. As well as the Contractor Eye-File shall be entitled (but not obliged) at its discretion to reject any content accessible via any Eye-File service. The Customer agrees that he shall solely appraise any risks connected with applying of the content, including appraisal of reliability, completeness or usefulness of the Content.

The Customer understands the service functioning technologies may require transmitting of his Content via computer networks, as well as amending the same to conform the specifications.

4.2. The Customer shall at his discretion determine whether it is necessary to impair any restrictions of Services provided to him and select an option of such impairment by selection and payment of the relevant package in accordance with the present Contract and guidelines of Eye-File system.


5.1. The Contractor shall:

5.1.1. Hand over the Content to Experts for reviewing and provide for access to the Content placed by Customers of Eye-File service, as well as notify the Customer of any Content appraisals made.

5.1.2. Keep records of payment by the Customer for chargeable Services, and conduct settlements with Experts upon performing of any chargeable services by them.

5.1.3. Keep Customer's registration data in secret. The Contractor shall have access to Customer's information for technical provision of Services, as well as shall have the right to access such information in case of receiving of any complaints from third persons regarding any unlawful and/or harmful or other actions of the Customer causing damage to the Contractor and/or third persons. The Contractor may disclose the above data to the competent governmental authorities only, in cases fixed by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. Backing up of Customer's data to prevent information loss shall not be deemed non-observance of confidentiality in respect of Customer's information.

5.2. The Contractor shall be entitled to:

5.2.1. Suspend providing of services to perform any necessary routine preventive works on technical resources of the Contractor, as well as any accidental works in case of any emergency.

5.2.2. Terminate providing of Services, in particular, if it is caused by impossibility to use information transporting channels other than own resources of the Contractor or by any acts and/or omissions of any third persons, provided they directly affect Service providing under the present Contract, including in case of emergency. The Contractor shall bear no responsibility to the Customer and shall reimburse no losses to the Customer, provided such losses have been incurred to the Customer due to any delays, service irregularities and impossibility to full use the resources and Services of the Contractor caused by any of the above reasons.

5.2.3. Enter any amendments and supplements to the present Terms and Conditions and the Tariffs by publishing such amendments and supplements on the Contractor's site (

5.2.4. Block up and/or delete the Account in cases and the order as fixed by the present Terms and Conditions.

5.2.5. Fix any restrictions as to use of services, including: the term of keeping of mail and any other Content, the maximal number of messages allowed for sending or receiving by a single registered user, the maximal volume of any mail or a disk space, the maximal number of appealing to the service per a fixed time period, etc.

5.2.6. Prohibit automatic appealing to its services, as well as terminate acceptance of any information generated automatically (for example, mailing spam). The Contractor shall, at its discretion terminate maintaining of connections to any networks non-observing interaction principles.

5.2.7. The Contractor and Experts of Eye-File may send notices to their users. Provided that, the Contractor shall bear no responsibility for any delays, failures, erroneous or delayed delivery, deleting or non-safe keeping of any user's personal data.

5.2.8. Delete any users, provided they have failed to access during a long period. The Contractor may at any time enter amendments into the rules or replace the same, either with or without preliminary notice.


6.1. In case the Customer places up to 5 (five) photos, any services of handing over of such photos to the Experts shall be provided by the Contractor free of charge. The services shall be provided within 10 (ten) calendar days.

6.2. In case the Customer places more than 5 (five) photos on the site, services of handing over of photos to the Experts shall be provided by the Contractor chargeable. The services shall be provided within 5 (five) calendar days. The cost of chargeable Services shall be fixed in accordance with the Tariffs. By the reason the using of chargeable services shall not be binding, the Tariffs shall be only available on the Account Control Panel.

6.3. The Contractor may at any time unilaterally enter amendments into the tariffs.

6.4. Any services shall be paid for by the Customer in advance, provided the Customer shall select the method of payment for the Services at his discretion from the number of options offered on the Account Control Panel.

6.5. The date of receiving of the amount paid by the Customer by the Contractor shall be deemed the commencing date of rendering of chargeable Services by the Contractor.


7.1. In pursuance to the Federal Law “On Personal Data” No. 123 FZ dated 27.07.06, the Customer shall agree to his personal data processing by the Contractor and its Eye-File service by presenting the same to third persons including by transfer of personal data to service Experts.

Besides, the Contractor may transfer any personal information on the user to third persons in the following cases:

  1. The Customer has manifested a desire to disclose such information;
  2. The Customer is otherwise enable to use a desired product or service;
  3. This is necessary under the Russian or international legislation, or is requested by any authorities under condition of observing of due lawful procedures;
  4. The Customer non-observes the present Terms and Conditions of the Contract with Eye-File.

7.2. The system may provide to any Customer having permanent registration status, upon user's expressed desire (by filling a special form on Eye-File site) preliminary agreed disk space volume for chargeable use to place the Content. Any commercial use of the service may be done only upon conclusion of an additional agreement (Contract).

7.3. The Contractor may place any promotional materials or any other information for public distribution on the web-site of a registered Customer, provided that no damage shall be caused thereby to the web-site content. Eye-File may from time to time change the form, the order and the volume of such information.

7.4. While using Eye-File service it shall be prohibited to:

  1. Use the web-pages exclusively for reference to any other web-site;
  2. Transmit or distribute any materials for promotional purposes or any other purposes of distribution of any information, unless the Customer has any lawful powers therefore;
  3. Create and place any hidden pages, images or files, access to which may not be done from other pages of the site;
  4. Placing or popularization of obscene materials, infant sensuality materials, as well as sexual services advertising;
  5. Public placing and/or transferring of unlawful information, including materials sowing seeds of ethnic discord, provoking violence in respect of any persons or a group of persons, or to inhuman animal treating, provoking any unlawful activities, including explaining methods of use of any explosives and other weapons, etc.;
  6. Restricting (with the help of a password or otherwise) access to any web-pages and other files placed on the site, including use of any archives with passwords;
  7. Violation of normal procedure of communication in the Network, including use of any tools interfering on-line information exchange, including screen scrolling at a rate non-conforming normal user's abilities to enter information, open additional browser windows, etc.;
  8. Placing of files and archives that exceed in aggregate the volume as allocated to the user upon registration;
  9. Place as his Content any intellectual property objects, in respect of which any copyright is formally executed, unless the Customer has the right to place the said intellectual property objects for public access.


8.1. The Account of a registered user shall be valid within 30 (thirty) days after receiving of Expert's response. Any users failing to review the results of appraisal within the said period, shall be deprived of the right to re-representing of appraisals by the Experts, and their registration shall be cancelled.

8.2. The Customer agrees that the Contractor shall reserve the rights to terminate your login and password on any of the services and to delete any Content on any cause, including in case of failing to use access or in case of non-observing of the present terms and conditions. In particular your Login and Password shall be deleted, provided the Customer has received answers to his request, and the term fixed for use of the system has expired. In such event any files and mail shall be deleted (removed).

8.3. The Contractor may at any time close any of its services, either with or without preliminary notice. Eye-File shall bear no responsibility for termination of access to its services.

8.4. In case of Account deleting by the reason of gross violation, any money paid for the Services shall not be repaid, but shall be applied to remedy such violations, in particular, to compensate for damage incurred to the Contractor.


9.1. Contractor's services placed on any Eye-File domain names may contain references to any other resources. The Customer understands and agrees that the Contractor shall bear no responsibility for accessibility of such resources and for the Content thereof, as well as for any consequences connected with use of such resources Content.


10.1. The Customer understands and agrees that Eye-File services and any necessary programs connected therewith contain confidential information protected by the laws on intellectual property and other Russian and international laws, and the Content presented to the Customer in the course of use of services is protected by copyrights, trade marks, patents and other relevant laws.

10.2. By placing the Content on Eye-File site the Ch shall transfer to the Contractor and the Experts the rights to use the same without limits. Apart from any cases specially stipulated for by the Contractor or its advertisers, the Customer agrees not to modify, sale, distribute such Content and programs, partly or fully.

10.3. The Contractor shall grant to the Customer personal non-exclusive and non-transferrable right to use the software provided in the services, on a single computer, provided that, neither the Customer nor any other persons with assistance of the Customer shall copy or amend the software; penetrate the software for the purpose of obtaining of codes; sale, assign, put on lease, transfer to any third persons in any other form any rights in respect of services software as provided to the Customer under the contract, as well as modify any services, including for the purpose of obtaining of unauthorized access thereto. Any non-observing of rules of site materials use shall be deemed violation of ye-File copyright and shall have judicial consequences as fixed by the applicable civil and criminal legislation. Contractor's copyright Copyrights Convention.


11.1 The Customer understands and agrees that:

  1. Any recommendations and evaluations received in the course of Eye-File site use shall not eliminate a visit to the doctor, shall not be the base for autotherapy and shall not be deemed equal to a visit to a medical unit for diagnosing and treatment as to their legal effect. Any information placed on the site may not be deemed to be a recommendation to patients concerning diagnosing and treatment of any illnesses and may not eliminate a visit to a doctor;
  2. Any information received by the User from an Expert or Eye-File service or by the Expert from the User shall be deemed an accidental, momentary, private opinion of some abstract individual, nohow personified with any of the parties;
  3. Any information received from the Contractor on Eye-File site may not be used for making decisions on changing the procedure and the mode of applying of any products or a medical substance administered by a doctor;
  4. The Customer shall use the services at his own risk. The services shall be provided as is. The Contractor shall assume no responsibility, including for conformity of the service to User's objects;
  5. The Contractor shall not guaranty that: the services shall be in conformity to Customer's requirements; the services shall be provided uninterruptedly, quickly, reliably and without errors; any results that may be received by use of services shall ne exact and reliable; the quality of any product, service, information, etc. received from the services shall correspond to your expectations; any software errors shall be remedies;
  6. Any materials received by you from Eye-File services may be applied by you at your own risk. You shall bear any damage that may incur to your computer and your data as a result of loading of such materials;
  7. The Contractor shall bear no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses incurred due to: use or inability to use any service; unauthorized access to your communications; any declarations or behavior of any third persons in services;
  8. No claims may be brought against the Contractor as to any damage or harm incurred as a result of use of any information placed on the site causing erroneous diagnosing and drug therapy of illnesses;
  9. Any materials places on Eye-File site shall depict a subjective opinion of the authors thereof; and the user thereof shall bear the risk of that any public or private medical institutions (as well as any physicians employed by public medical institutions or private medical practitioners) may disagree with the site authors. Any information represented on the site may differ from any official or generally recognized information;
  10. In any case, liability of the Contractor under article 15 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation shall be limited by the amount of 10 000 (ten thousand) roubles and shall be born by it in case of any fault on the part of the Contractor.


12.1. The Contractor or any persons acting under a contract with the Contractor shall have the right to perform any routine works on the hardware-software complex used by Eye-File site, with temporal interruption of service functioning. In case of the beginning of any events of force-majeure, as well as in case of any accidents or failures of hardware-software complexes of third persons cooperating with the Contractor, or in case of any acts of third persons aimed to suspend or terminate functioning of Eye-File services, functioning of Eye-File may be suspended without notice to users.


13.1. The Contractor and the Customer agree that any disputes connected with the present Contract shall be regulated according to the Russian legislation, exclusively on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the city of Moscow.

13.2. In case the Customer uses free Eye-File services of the Contractor provided under the present Contract, the provisions of the law “On consumer rights protection” may not be applied to the Contractor.

13.3. The provisions of the present Contract may not be interpreted as establishing of agency relations, partnership, joint venture, personal hiring or any other relations, unless directly fixed in the Contract.

13.4. Judicial recognition of any provision of the contract invalid or unenforceable shall not invalidate or make unenforceable any other provisions of the Contract;

13.5. Any casual waiver by the Contractor in case of non-observing by you or other users of the Terms and Conditions shall not deprive the Contractor of the right to take any relevant actions for protection of its interests in future, and shall not mean waiver by the Contractor or its rights in case of occurring of any such cases of non-observing in future.

13.6. If necessary, the Contractor may engage any third persons holding the relevant licenses to provide the Services.

13.7. The titles and numbers of articles of the present offer are included for convenience only and may not be taken into consideration while interpreting the present Terms and Conditions.


14.1. In case of enacting of any normative legal acts of Russian Federation authorities, fully or partly affecting functioning of Eye-File sites, the Contractor shall preserve the right to enter any amendments into Eye-File service functioning, aimed to restore conformity to the legal norms.

The present English translation is presented for convenience only and shall have no legal effect. In case of any discrepancies between the Russian and English versions of the Contract, the Russian version shall take precedence. In case of any disputes arising out of the present Contract, only Russian version of the terms and conditions published shall be taken in consideration.

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