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Do you know how to reduce the costs for your hospital? Why not start with ophthalmology?
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Do you know that retina examination can be done via the Internet? This has been usually assumed as unrealistic but recent developments in technology can help.

Distant retinal images assessment is now available on web service.

Compact and affordable retinal cameras can substantially reduce the workflow of any hospital involved in a diabetic retinopathy screening process. Even when a hospital simply has no ophthalmologist on site to rely on, images can be captured and uploaded for a consideration to the Eye-File ocular image reading center.

Recently the process of eye images capture has become a simple procedure due to fully automatic cameras such as DRS, which have auto-adjustment and auto-focus or compact inexpensive cameras such as Smartscope.

Images can be graded by the Eye-File staff manually within 24 hours followed by a prompt e-mail notification of any visible sight threatening feature Why not let the work be carried out without the extra hours of the ophthalmology professional.?


You too can benefit from eye images online reading.


If you are the one who has problem of movement, need to regularly control your retina and are able to buy a retinal camera.

If your hospital doesn’t have an ophthalmologist on site while a lot of patients coming are diabetics or in need in retinopathy screening.

If your ophthalmologist/optometrist is working only part time whilst the patients need their eye exam everyday.

If you are a physician who cares for diabetic patients on a daily basis and wish to delegate eye examination to the eye care professional.

On  top of that, with this online service means your hospital chain can have only one retina specialist covering several departments.


How  Eye-File works


Firstly, you need one of the compact cameras to capture eye images. The exact model is dependent on your choice and budget. We usually recommend new portable cameras that cost approximately 6 times less then professional ones. For instance a Haag-Streit DRS camera that is fully automatic or “Smartscope” that is easy to handle even for an untrained person. Moreover you can choose a quite cheap and  portable “Iridoscope” if you only need to evaluate conjunctiva for minor ocular infections.

Secondly just simply upload your images to the Eye-File directory. You can choose between our staff or invite the specialist you want to be a referent as an images grader.

In 24 hours you will have  e-mail notification  informing you  of which  images contain sight threatening features and require further evaluation.


Save  time and money with  the Eye-File

Online eye examination is profitable as it helps to save your on-going expenses. Once you buy the camera then you only need maintain the annual supporting fee including 100 images graded manually every month  for only 189$ monthly. You can also have 40% discount on that price if you have your own retina specialist who could become an online grader for your images sets. Just compare that to what you might pay for the retinal examination! You can also  make economies  not only on salaries and taxes but on reducing space for  eye diagnostics. 

You are welcome to discuss  the benefits of  with the Project Lead Doctor Alexander Rodin, from the Ophthalmology Department of Lomonosov Moscow University, Russia.

+7 (925) 545 7074

e-mail: rodin(at)

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