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The Eye-File - simple and free eye online test
retina test, eye screening, free eye exam online, retinopathy detection service for the digital eye images reading is available in a few clicks

Registration Sertificate provides eye images storage and reading service since 2009.  Our goal is connecting patients with the eye care providers across geographical and financial barriers.

Dr. Alexander Rodin is the current project lead who owns rights for the software and provide expertise for the customers from Russian Federation.  As a communication channel between doctors and patients we must comply with the country specific regulations. Therefore, depending on your location you may find other experts (eye care providers) if they licensed within your jusdiction.  

We may help to detect sight threatening eye conditions by reading your eye fundus (retina) photo. We also collaborating with with eye care specialists of Ophthalmology Department of Moscow State University in order to develope automated software for the retina image recognition.

We do not collect your personal data. You can sign in with  e-mail address only.

Your images will be deleted automatically after assessment has been done to enchance a security.

EyeFile™ is registered as a software and trademark (service mark) in Russian Federation since 2009.

eyefile trademark registered in russian federation



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