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Eye-File experts profile.

The Eye-File service is provided by a company residing in the Russian Federation.

 rodin ophthalmologist

Our current Expert in the Russian Federation is Alexander S. Rodin, MD., PhD.

 Doctor Rodin is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Ophthalmology Lomonosov Moscow University. He has fifteen years experience in Medical and Surgical Retina, laser eye surgery, ophthalmic imaging and has been trained in German ophthalmic hospitals. He is fully Board licensed for ophthalmology practice in the Russian Federation and provides eye images reading for the residents of Russian Federation.



Eye image assessment or evaluation is not legally equal to medical service. We connecting eye care providers with the patients however if you can not find an licensed eye care provider in our directory we  Eye image assessment or evaluation is not legally equal to medical service. 

Patiens from jurisdictions other than the Russian Federation are not encouraged to use this service until a licensed eye care provider from your jurisdiction is available. 


Eye-File service and Experts is not legally liable if you are going to use its service in those countries where local law disallows the use of health related information provided from abroad.


We are currently looking for licensed eye doctors (ophthalmologists and optometrists) from various countries with relevant experience in medical retina to join us as project volunteers.


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