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How to use the Eye-File retina test
free eye exam, retina detachment, screening

Guidlines to Eye-File service in 4 steps. Online retina test is free for individuals.


 Eye-File service is a helpful tool for individual self-testing. If you are stuck in a queue  for the ophthalmologist or live in an underserved or remote community (for instance oil platforms, ships, etc.) an Eye-File service is beneficial because it utilizes eye photos which you can be obtained from simple retinal camera.


 Step 1. You can create a personal or corporate account with us. A personal account means that you are able to upload for free up to five images in the system.

  Corporate accounts are available for those who are interested in massive photo database screening and are charged accordingly.

 Step 2. Take an eye fundus photo and upload it оn Eye-File server.

Regularly process of file assessment takes 24 hours, however in some cases it will take longer (up to 10 days) depending on the experts availability.

 Step 3. You’ll receive a notification on your e-mail immediately after completion of an assessment process.

 Step 4. Sign in and read your score. You will receive an answer as a Green, Yellow or Red band. This gradation doesn’t mean clinical diagnosis but reflects the severity and quantity of pathological signs (or lesions) that have been found in the image.


Your file will be marked with the Green band in the case that an Expert found your image similar to regular normal fundus image. Please keep in mind that retinal image reading is not a 100% specific method and some eye diseases can not be found.

 In case your image has some unspecific or at least one specific sign of pathological process you  will have the Yellow or Red band, respectively.

We strongly recommend the patients that received Red band should visit a doctor immediately. In some cases we are able to provide some commentary related to your images along with the band. No comments can be made after initial grades have been done because all your files and images will be deleted soon after examination process for security reasons. 

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