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Diseases which Eye-File can help to detect
age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy diagnosis

Eye-File screening service can help to detect some of general disorders as well as specific eye diseases.

Eye-File screening service can help to detect some general disorders as well as specific eye diseases. You could use it to find early signs of diabetic retinopathy, fundus hypertonicus and elevated  liquor pressure. If evidence of these disorders are found on your photo you will be notified and should then apply to your local physician for a detailed examination.

There are several eye diseases which specifically affect eye fundus and can be successfully detected on retinal image.

  • Age related macular degeneration is a main cause of legal blindness in US, Canada and Europe. Scientific data has shown that early detection of AMD symptoms can prevent it from rapid progression by using diet supplemental and / or  medicaments. Manual retinal image screening by retina specialist is helpful to recognize some early dangerous signs such as pigment clumping, drusen, macular hemorrhage or edema.
  • Glaucoma is sight threatening condition affecting retinal nerve fibers. Glaucoma is a result of high intraocular pressure which leads to visual field gradual decline. As visual field loss is often unrecognized by patients glaucoma detection is based on a three main factors: ocular pressure measurement, visual field testing and optic disc visualization. The optic disc topography can be seen on the retinal image so it is one of the key feature that facilitate glaucoma detection.
  • Hereditary macular dystrophies are also easy to detect via eye fundus image observation.  Most common findings can include macular edema, pigment clumping and untypical shapes of macular reflex. As there are many types of macular dystrophies it doesn’t have a particular specific sign on the retinal image so it is difficult to detect.


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