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Who can benefit from the Eye-File retina exam?
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Eye-File service provides easy manual screening of retina images.

We offer retina screening functions to anyone who is interested in opening an individual or corporate account with us.

Eye-File is the integrated Internet-based system that enables significant advances in retina-related clinical diagnosis, visualization of the complete fundus, research on the retinal vasculature, and objective, quantitative computer-assisted scoring of clinical trials imagery. It is paving the way for screening services for optometry facilities and other sources.


Individuals are allowed to use the service for self testing. You can upload up to 5 images which can be in the form of retina color photo, an angiogram or OCT image. You will receive an e-mail notification after our experts have made an assessment. The band you have on your file indicates signs of abnormalities in the presented photos. All personal accounts are temporary so that the uploaded files will be removed soon after the assessment has been done. The image assessment is not equal to verified clinical diagnosis, which can only be done by a specialist after a comprehensive diagnostic. However Eye-File service will be an advantage if you don’t have a retina specialist next to you or live in an underserved area. In some cases an online image assessment service will make you aware whether you have severe problems with the retina and have a need to visit an eye professional immediately.


 General practitioners, ophthalmologists, optometrists and other health care professionals can also upload their files. We will offer various types of subscription that can be helpful for health care professionals as a second opinion source or as a part of clinical investigations. Eye-File service is provided by qualified retina specialist – ophthalmologists, PhD, certified to work in Russian Federation. Please ask your local authorities whether your local regulations and laws allow you to use a service provided online by a foreign doctor.


Government or private Health care Institutions and Foundations can have several benefits from participating in the Eye-File project. 

Eye fundus images can be made by trained technician and then skimmed and scanned by ophthalmologist of Eye-File service. These algorithms have proved great value for diagnosis in remote communities or small regional hospitals which often have a lack of specialists.

 It is also beneficial as a screening tool for early stages of diabetes, glaucoma and retina pathology. Early detection of sight threatening conditions will dramatically reduce costs for its treatment.

Retinal images assessment outstaffing can significantly reduces the expenses of image screening because the cost of working hours of retina doctors is less in some parts of the world.

Eye-File readers in Asia can do file screening during the night hours in North America and present the results the morning after. We can help to spare the time of domestic retinal specialists who will be more concentrate on eye disease treatment rather than on its detection. 

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