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How can I get a retina (eye-fundus) image
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Retina image capture centre next to you.

An eye fundus or a retina image can be captured by a device called the fundus camera or retinal camera.

Depending on your location, you could ask a doctor or medical specialist to provide information about the nearest available facility. Retinal cameras are regularly available in most major hospitals, optometric offices, or ophthalmic imaging units.


You could ask your doctor or ophthalmic assistant to save captured images to any digital media in JPEG, JPG, TIFF, DICOM or BMP format. Retina image capture may be a subject to a charge depending on the country you live in. Then you will be able to upload those images to the Eye-File service. The customer is the only party that bears the expenses on retinal image capture, storage, processing and loading of the customer’s image.

Here you can find the list of medical specialists who have retinal cameras in your region.


Here we can promote your service if you are a health care professional who can do retina digital image.

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