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Форум о глазах и зрении

Welcome to the Eye-File ocular image Web reading service!

Now you are able to upload your eye images for consideration of an eye doctor.

If it is your first visit to the Eye-File we advise you to read related articles about teleophthalmology and distant eye images assessment.

You could directly proceed to registration by pushing the «Registration» button.

If you are already registered please login via the special form in left column.


Four easy steps to check your eye image on the Eye-File service

Step 1

Take a digital photo of your eye on a Retinal Camera / Fundus Camera (for the retina enquiries) or USB-microscope /Iridoscope (cornea, iris and lens) and save it in any type of image files.

Optometrist and eye centers having that equipment are listed here.

Step 2

Register your account with us. All you need is a valid e-mail address.

No personal data necessary.

Step 3

Login and upload eye photo to Eye-File server.

You could leave your comments related to uploaded files. It would be helpful for a correct assessment if you provide us with an additional data regarding your age, sex and ocular complaints.

Step 4

Regularly process of file assessment takes 24-48 hours, however in some cases it will take longer (up to 10 days) depending on the expert's availability. You'll receive a notification on your e-mail immediately after completion of an assessment process.

We utilized quite simple report form with grading scale divided into only four categories namely: "can not grade", "minimum risk", "possible risk" and "high risk" marked with grey, green, yellow and red colors respectively.

Your files are stored on the Eye-File server for 30 days only after last image has been rated. Please, check your marks before the deadline because your account (and files) will be deleted for a security reasons.

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